Building the Right Soundtrack for You

Acoustic wall panels

Music and audiovisual have always been closely linked with each other and the possibilities for insertion of a musician in the audiovisual market are wide. According to a study by musician Marcio Pizzi Oliveira, The ability of a music score to play different roles in a series or movie seems to be unrestricted. This encourages those who are starting to follow a path by making a soundtrack for videos. The use of the Acoustic wall panels happens to be essential here.

The Composure

Acoustic wall panels

The soundtrack composer has always been a musician and only saw that it was possible to enter the audiovisual market when went to do video work in college. Since there was a musician, they always have in mind that the styles or instruments to fit in with some scenes, and from there they started composing original songs for these works, says the musician.

  • Although this market has many forms of profitability, the Internet is a space that can help the composer or not, because it is easier to find available soundtracks without the need for copyright. But Petti disagrees that this could be something that will hit musicians: composers must work on this situation and create their own identity to stand out. He further points out that the important thing is to keep its essence and master the language.
  • According to the website of the International Music Week, in addition to these types of work such as soundtrack composition, there are other opportunities. From the professional who creates the sound to the studio market, as well as the mixes, treatments, technicians, among others.

There are countless possibilities in this area for those who like music and movies and had no idea which way to go. An audiovisual production is not only composed of a director, but a diverse team of professionals from different specific areas, including: direction; production; photography; art; sound and mounting and finishing. The one responsible for one of the most important processes, being audio, is the sound technician.

The Role of the Professional

This sound professional plays a key role in pre-producing audiovisual content and also participates in the film set. This occurs in direct sound pickup. In this case, ambient sound, noise and dialogue are captured by a professional recorder at the time of the scene.

  • Another way to capture the sound of a movie is the audio made in the sound studio in post-production. In this way the noises are recreated and voice actors are inserted. This method was widely used in old movies and novels, but is currently little used.

In addition, it is important that the sound technician also knows the script of the film, ensuring a mastery over the personality of the characters and the triggering of the scenes, so that there is no confusion in the production scenes.

The audio technician must analyze which microphones are ideal for each type of scene, the environments that need acoustic treatment, and the reverberations in the locations where the film content will be recorded. If direct sound capture is not performed in a proper environment, and there is too much noise, it can compromise the scene.

The Sound Team

The sound team usually consists of three people: the sound technician, the sound assistant and the microphone. The technician gives the coordinates during production, the post-production technician handles the finalization, and the assistant who usually holds a boom called a boom with the microphone at the end always accompanies the actors on recordings.

Author: Tyrell Kamph