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how to write a press release

It is the only uppercase allowed in the entire release. Remember to add the subtitle or eyelet, that completes, together with the title, the 5W of the news: who or what, when, where, how, why. The subtitle completes the title. He does not repeat it. In such cases, you need to know how to write a press release .

Incipit with place and date

It doesn’t matter if the place is in the headline. The journalist will probably copy and paste your incipit and will review the title, but the text must be complete. The date is not that of the event, but of sending the release. Give the recipient the perception of the temporal distance between the sending and the event, in order to facilitate the task of publication. By the way, how to start the press release?

Follow the inverted pyramid rule. The beginning (lead) must be short, complete. The news must be read at a glance. Don’t add any key details to the bottom of the press release: that’s where the journalist will cut. Put a few bold keywords to highlight the topic. You need to use a graphic form that brings out the news, a sort of guide to the essentials: capitalized titles, italicized summaries, bold keywords.

A first short paragraph with basic information

It explains in a few words the idea of the event, the motivations, describe participants and interventions. Emphasize the positive traits, after all, you’re advertising. Remember that here there must be all the most important information: you must convince the reader to continue, not to abandon the press release.

Central paragraph with statements in the first person

An error of press releases: being impersonal. Make your event talk, the people who organized everything, the speakers. The quotation mark is the classic form of direct speech used in interviews, giving a real face to the news.

Do not use the classic quotation marks, but the corporals, within which the declaration will unfold. Remember to include an engraved name with the name of the person who is speaking. Do you want an example from a press release to get an idea? Work on the convention for six months.

Final paragraph with outline information

The last part of the press release will be the first to be cut in the absence of time and space. Follow the classic inverted pyramid of journalism. The basic information in the base and as you reach the most superfluous tip. In the last paragraph enter details, history, curiosities, additional links that could be of interest.

Add contacts to the end of the document

Don’t forget them. Perhaps bloggers and journalists who received the press release want to learn more and call you for more information. Why miss this opportunity? Write everything: name and surname, association, telephone number, website, e-mail, social media. Let the reader find you.

Layout and layout of the press release

When creating a good press release it is also necessary to take into consideration what can be considered the rule to be respected in order to lay out the content.

how to write a press release

Example of press release and structure

The points listed above are the basis of the drafting work. What are the steps to be followed, the points in which to put and insert the various fields listed? Here you will find a valuable aid to your work.

Author: Spring Saraniti