Permanent Disability Insurance for equipping the disabled persons

Emad Zaki M.D.

Anyone should take care of the disabled person, then only the disabled person may gain confidence to live in this world at least for their survival. All human being born in this world have to survive here for a particular life span that has been given to them by Dog. Separating them is not good, so their family members and others have to help them to lead their life, otherwise, they will move into the position of mental disability. One such person who claimed the support of disability insurance is Emad Zaki M.D. every human being requires three basic things which are food, clothing and shelter. To meet out their both ends to compete there is a difficult task for the disabled persons. For those persons, this type of permanent Disability Insurance will help them to meet their basic needs and helps to survive in this world. People always be cautious and aware of the happenings in their life and they may secure themselves by putting in a disability insurance policy.

Emad Zaki M.D.

Permanent Disability Insurance

It is a part of the life insurance policy that comes under the division of worker’s compensation insurance and can be claimed when a person becomes sick or injured permanently. These kinds of people can avail themselves of it as worker’s compensation insurance. It includes the loss of an eye, arms and legs. Otherwise, the people get injured for some time and they can’t able to go back and continue their work can able to claim this insurance. This insurance helps the needy people in time to provide them with a lump sum of amount to the beneficiary after getting the proper medical statement that the insured person is unable to work to run his life. it covers all his credits and other debt which the insured had got from the bank and give a certain amount to reduce their financial burden to tackle the income loss.

Three types of permanent Disability Insurance

Own Occupation Permanent Disability Insurance

This is the first policy that the insured person can’t able to work again in his or her own business. They are not in a position to run their business due to his disability.

Any Occupation Permanent Disability Insurance

This is the second policy in which the insured can’t be able to work in their own business or they are not able to work in any other organisation by providing proper training, education or practice.

Non-Occupational Permanent Disability Insurance

It is the last type and it is the toughest thing that people can’t able to their daily activities. Even they are unable to do two to five daily activities which are very essential for their living.


Finally to say that people facing disability are suffering a lot but they are facing their life hurdles with self-confidence and courage. Valour plays a vital role in their life. Valour only brings out those people from cowardness. To motivate them and to lead a healthier life this permanent disability insurance policy is very useful and can be claimed at the appropriate condition to meet their life basic needs and to run their family peacefully. A permanent policy will give them an amount for their whole life as compensation for their life spirit.

Author: Spring Saraniti