The Best of Online Lottery at Your Door


If you carefully analyze the results, you will discover that each lottery has its own hot and cold numbers. This means that there are numbers that come out more frequently and more times, hot and others that are drawn less regularly and on fewer occasions cold. With RUAY you can find the essential deal.

It is also very interesting to see what numbers other lottery winners chose to win so many millions, and why they were chosen. For example, once, hundreds of customers at a Chinese restaurant won the lottery thanks to numbers 22, 28, 32, 33, 39, which they found on lucky cookies.

Other winners took the accumulated thanks to important dates. This happened to a Yucatan woman in the National Lottery. She earned 12.5 million pesos with the number 00822, the date of her mother’s birth (August 22), according to what was reported in the news. And you, would you play Melate Retro with a special date?

Increase your odds


As you know, in the Lottery there are different game modes under the number panel of each lottery. The following help you increase your chances of winning:

Multiple plays

Here they offer you the possibility to play all possible combinations of various numbers. In this way, you get different lines by changing one of the numbers on each line.

Group play

Conversely, if you don’t mind sharing the prize with other players, the best strategy is group play. Try playing the Euro-jackpot lottery with an online supporters club. You will share multiple ticket entries with other online users.

Ticket packages

They combine their individual plays with group participation. It may be the winning formula that brings the prize home. Thus, you will play with many more numbers, without spending more money, and your chances of winning would be very high. The large accumulated will be closer.

Enjoy, it’s a game.

Playing and winning are two positive words, which always have to be related to happiness. It is clear that winning an award would bring you immense joy, but you must also enjoy yourself while playing. The mere fact of participating and opting for the biggest lottery prizes is already pure emotion. Failure to win should never give you a feeling of frustration. Therefore, it is advisable to set a budget for each draw. In this way, you can enjoy the thrill of playing and winning, paying only a small amount of money to participate. This is one of the great advantages of the lottery since it offers the possibility of winning great prizes, making the price of the tickets insignificant.

Special: Never Give Up.

Something very important is having patience since the award can come at any time hence the importance of the second tip that we have given above. In fact, there are very different cases of lottery winners. On the one hand, first-time players stand out, such as a 26-year-old who won the second prize in the Mega Millions lottery, spending only a few dollars and playing for the first time.

On the other hand, the most loyal players also have their reward. Special mention deserves Robert Winburn, a man who won a million dollars in Powerball, after choosing the same numbers for more than 20 years. Loyalty has a reward.

Author: Antonietta Wineland