The Hidden Truth of Clairvoyant


Very few people are aware of a clairvoyant that they receive the information from a person intuitively. It refers to clear seeing, so a clairvoyant can see what their past, the present is and the future through their intuition which states their clear truth as well. Hence the Clairvoyant giver clairvoyance i København Jylland, Fyn, Bornholm is generally referred to as the sixth sense or third eye. A Clairvoyant can see, hear or feel the person on the other side of the world as well. Not every living being is gifted with this divine power that is situated in the middle of the forehead which helps them view the person who has approached them for their help for the healing process and get a favorable solution to solve their future problems.


What makes them different from others?


It’s quite often that people mistake these two terms of psychic and clairvoyant interchangeably which are not the same.  They both are good gifted and involve getting information from different sources to help the needy. It’s a fact that some psychics are clairvoyant,but not all clairvoyants are psychic.

The Clairvoyants first refer to the images which they see through their sixth sense or minds the third eye. It’s that vision which is not seen through their naked eye. The images which they view are symbolic.

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This third eye is nothing but the sixth chakra, the one which is directly related to psychic god gift that is located in the middle of the forehead which views in place of your eye. Thus it is referred to as the mind’s eye.

The person can open the third eye through meditation and can keep their mind open. This is helpful to sharpen their natural intuition.

It is quite often said that having such vision detaches them from the regular self and it is the sense of knowing that is not told. Few psychics get visions in their head in the form of movie or dream.

The psychics often get a vision about the future which means present day and time or sometimes a few things which are related to the past that might be connected to the present. They can feel and see the vision of something that is going to happen with their third eye that helps them to foretell the future of the person who has come to seek their guidance for their career, health , finance related problems to overcome from any uncertain situation and handle them with utmost care.

As many people are fond of watching movies, certain times they get a vision of something that is not clear which might be a depicted scene on the screen. Hence the vision of a person is highly symbolic, subtle and open to interpretation.


There are many people who get a vision that is related to their future. It is often viewed by their mind eye which is also known as a sixth sense. This third eye is active only for those who perform meditation and are god gifted with divine power which lets them see everything related to past, present,and future. Hence take the assistance of Clairvoyant or Psychic who are capable of handling your vision or what we call dreams.

Author: Kenton Henslin