When to use data recovery software?

raid data recovery services

When you are a victim of data loss, you may be tempted or encouraged by a loved one to install the data recovery software. There is hundreds of data recovery software today. From the most accessible, created for beginners, to professional versions, data recovery software is available on the web at all prices. If they are an alternative for the more experienced, they still represent a risk of permanent data loss or irreversible damage if you have never used them. The best options come with the https://www.facebook.com now.

raid data recovery services

Before proceeding to its installation, it is necessary to ask the good questions:

Do I know the origin of the data loss?

Data recovery software can only recover data as a result of a so-called “logical” failure. A logical failure means that the support to be analysed is in perfect health and that the failure has occurred after a bad action of its user. So we can summarise that to use data recovery software in the case of accidental erasure of data, formatting the wrong hard drive or USB key, memory card, a crash when an update or resizing of a partition.

Conversely, we can conclude that you should never run software if you do not know the origin of the failure. If the hard disk or SD card, the USB key is no longer detected for any reason, it makes a noise; it has been shocked, the failure is still benign. In time, the data will be recoverable, force its power supply and the worst thing to do.

You can be sure that the degradation on the hard disk trays will be real the failure is more complex, more expensive with a less qualitative result see the impossibility of recovering data.

Do I have another computer to install the software?

Never, under any circumstances, install software on the hard drive to analyse. When you suffer from a logical failure, any writing on the media could overload the sectors containing your lost data with new data. Browsing on the internet, the temporary memory of the computer and the operating system, the installation of files are sufficient actions to destroy the original tree and permanently erase the data to be recovered.

How long does the process take?

Once connected in an external USB box, as a slave for the case of an IDE disk or S-ATA by ensuring that the bios will not boot on, your hard drive is ready to be analysed. The software will search by scanning the file system for recently deleted files. This process should only last a few seconds or minutes less than 10. If the result is not qualitative, the software can scan the entire surface of the disk by performing a signature search, which should not last more than 1:30 per 1 TB. If this time is not respected, can -be your media suffers from an underlying failure bad sectors, a weakened head of the block of reading heads. It is therefore recommended to stop the analysis.

Do I need to recover the file tree or the files delivered “in bulk” is enough?

If the software does not find the deleted files in the file system, the recovered files will no longer have the original tree. All your photos will be in a photo folder, your videos in a video directory etc. This is complicated for proprietary software and text files.

Author: Tyrell Kamph