Why Backlinks From Pbn Are Risky

PBN Backlinks

There are various reasons that you should not resort using PBNs which sell their links because you would have to face even though now it is done privately. Usually, such PBNs will be having poor content spun around them which always results for the review manually. They will also resort to hosting multiple domains which utilize the same IP address and registrations over multiple domains for the information it contains, this can lead to the flagging of such SEO hosting companies. There are times when the sites have been vocal about using links from PBN and definitely come up for manual review. Check out the PBN Backlinks .

How should you protect your site?

When you have resorted to something unethical you would then try to block robots.txt crawlers which may not be possible at web server level domain which may already be facing a penalty. Not having other useful sites that are back linked to your site. If you have been trying to mix up the anchor text which is present along with the links in the PBN. When you are employing all the above techniques there are sure shot chances being deindexed or getting a penalty.

PBN Backlinks

How to go about it

You may be thinking then how I would get hold of these links and yet not get into trouble, since many people will definitely find ingenious ways to find a solution to utilize the PBN backlinks yet not be found out. There are several tried and tested options that many websites employ such as

  • They would buy domains from different registrars and you will have to avoid using a single server for acquiring your domains.
  • The subnet IP address has to vary for each website, try this different hosting method to avoid detection and clash of IP addresses each time.
  • Equal responsibility has to be allocated for the domain’s websites, hence they too would have to have great content as your site, if this is not done and poor quality is seen you run the risk of having a manual review.
  • The domain will link to the website only, hence if you try to use this multiple time, you have an increased chance of getting caught.
  • The links have to be cleverly embedded as contextual links, if they are presented otherwise you just find that the link has been devalued and it would be just waste of acquiring it.
  • There isn’t a necessity have the links on all pages and only some pages can have them which definitely have to be good authoritative sites.
  • The use of different anchor texts is important for the link to be relevant and not come under the scanner.
  • Using diverse profile links will help if you have some anchor texts which are similar, and it will not come down crashing during the review.
  • There is a need to have a manual review to check with the privacy policy.
  • The domains you should be secretive and not be shared with anyone.

It has to be maintained through your site may be new, and you may have similar anchor texts, there is a definite need to have some organic ones too. Certain pages of tour website have to pass the manual review and they definitely have to make through for your site to be validated and pass off from the radar.

Author: Tyrell Kamph