Xbox is a heaven for gamers

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There are a lot of video games are created in the world among that Xbox is one of the video gaming brands that boobeam reviews . Microsoft created this video game. In that streaming service and online service are included in Xbox Live. These are connected with one unique name as Xbox game studios. In the United State, only this video game is officially lunch first in November 2001, with the name Xbox console. The original device was the first video game console lunch by an American company. After that Atari jaguar stops sales after 1996. In 2006, sales cross over 24 million units till May 2006. Then the Microsoft company lunch the second console like Xbox 360 and it was released in 2005. This console reaches to next level while compared to the older console. Because this console sale over more than 84 million units till June 2014. It was three times bigger than the older console. This console made a huge profit for Microsoft in the gaming field. Then Xbox one has released in 21 markets around all over the world and it was released in a year September 2014.

Founder of heaven

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Phil Spencer was the head of Xbox, this man made a huge success in the gaming field with joined hands with former head Marc Whitten in March 2014. Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, Ted has are three engineers and one team leader Otto Berkes from the DirectX team in Microsoft, these engineers start a vision to compete against sony PlayStation 2 for that they lots of work to create a gaming console in Microsoft. At last, the system is designed with common features with PC-like hardware components. The system runs in a windows version and DirectX is used to start the games on the console. This method or approach is useful for developers on windows to create games in new systems. It can be differentiated by itself from the customized hardware of most consoles. Before naming it as Xbox, there is a lot of madness suggested for this gaming console. Direct X Box, Windows Entertainment project, and some other names are suggested for this console. At last, the Microsoft team conduct a survey with customers to suggest names from the choices. In Microsoft team has the least choice in Xbox name. But unfortunately in the survey, this name Xbox made a huge preference and from the survey, it was selected as the name of the console.

In recent years, Microsoft working to cut the branding of Xbox beyond console hardware but it remains as a normal video game brand and it was reflected in renaming from Microsoft studios to Xbox game studios in 2019. In the same year, the head Phil Spencer tells the statement as the business is not to sell many consoles. The business is how many gamers are buying and how they play. This statement helps the journalist to take the route for players to prioritize games, console hardware, and subscription. After the year passed, Spencer tells that the company is moving forward so they don’t see older gaming companies like Sony, Nintendo as competitors. They are looking at Google and Amazon a competitor because they offer cloud computing services. So that Spencer identified Microsoft Azure is the main component that helps to move forward to use cloud game streaming service. Phil also looking into mobile games as a potential area for all kinds of people. So Microsoft team is updating the service to become the most preferred form in gaming.

Author: Tyrell Kamph