All of our headstones are entirely hand made


We picked a segment of William Morris’ Larkspur configuration to embellish these Headstones . The foundation is straightforwardly removed to accomplish an exceptionally shallow help. This is the rear of the gravestone; the front of which faces a tree. The back appearances the way and aides the watcher in. The engraving is by John Donne.

Hand-cut tombstones

At the point when one discusses a hand-cut gravestone, recollect that the cutting cycle is just a phase in the creation cycle. These top-notch gravestones are planned by hand, masoned by hand, drawn out by hand, and cut by hand. The main thing about the hardware in the workshop is a dusty old radio.


Why by hand? Since it is moderate and exact. The phases of making a gravestone are worked with incredible consideration. We presently can’t seem to be acquainted with a machine competent of the extraordinary accuracy required as well as having the capacity to somewhat twist a letter to improve the letter dispersing. Hand-cut lettering will consistently have life, vitality, and adaptability. The tranquil hammer and etch are boundlessly more exact than hardware and letter dividing and letterforms are decided by eye, not by PCs or rulers. A letter shaper is both a skilled worker and a craftsman; every gravestone created in the workshop must be faultless, excellent, and interesting.

At last, for what reason do it by the machine when drawing and cutting by hand are such pleasurable exercises

Selection of gravestones

 We have no list with which customers pick a set or explicit plan. Nearly anything is attainable. Size, materials, and letterforms are not restricting elements aside from with regards to living with burial ground guidelines. We do anyway have another book: Headstones-counsel and motivation, including more than 150 photos and 180 pages, it is an exceptional asset that will manage and move you.

Coordinated effort

We work intimately with you to comprehend your desires and include you at all phases of the work to create in a fitting recognition for your cherished one

Gravestone materials and nature

We are worried about the appearance and security of British churchyards and endeavor to deliver gravestones that are thoughtful to their environmental factors, utilizing British material where conceivable

Bespoke and Unique Headstones

In the most genuine sense, our gravestones are bespoke and exceptional; no two tombstone plans are the equivalent, and surely this is the thing that we appreciate about the work. Each commission is another beginning, another opportunity to create something fine and interesting.

Customary tombstones

 A significant number of our tombstones are exceptionally conventional and sit very well in our British Churchyards. Simultaneously, a portion of our more contemporary gravestones is as yet made in a conventional way under the direct impact of experts, for example, Eric Gill and Richard Kindersley.

We were consistently sure (from our absolute first gathering) in your capacity to direct us in finding the correct record, and that the cutting would be fitting – and now the resultant completed stone is perfect.

Much obliged to you for helping us to get to the correct choice, without rushing us, although around 5 years have gone between our first reaching you and the date the stone was in the long run raised at St. Paul’s churchyard.

We are appreciative for your comprehension of the cycle we were all experiencing, for your devotion to conceding to the correct words, textual style and dividing, and lettering.

Although the outcome is basic, your craftsmanship has guaranteed that it is an ideal and fitting commemoration to a great spouse and father. The nature of your work is extraordinary, and David would have altogether affirmed, as an individual fussbudget.

Much obliged to you Fergus, David would have affirmed of the gravestone, and you as well.

Author: Antonietta Wineland