Best Places to Play Laser Label Singapore

laser tag singapore team building

Laser Tag is a relentless, strategic game that requires your group to think on the spot. Participate in pre-game conversations on various methodologies and approaches on the best way to conquer the adversary safeguards. Fight it out on the war zone as victors rise out of the residue of the individuals who had the incident of being destroyed out of the game! It is unquestionably an ideal method to bond with your companions! There are sure generalizations that are related to Laser Tag – ‘far’, ‘distant’, ‘a lot of exertion’ and ‘costly’ are only some of them. The possibility that one can play Laser Tag at an advantageous area with little exertion is an idea that is as yet unfamiliar to many, maybe coming from laser tag singapore team building   Tag’s unquestionably more risky and difficult family member, Paintball.

Hyperspace @ Lavender

Hyperspace is overseen by The Great Domain which is the main occasions organization in Singapore. Hyperspace is a cool multipurpose occasion scene in Singapore that is ideal for parties, group building and different occasions and exercises. The occasion space can likewise be changed over into an indoor laser label area is fitted with neon lights which includes a component of threat and fervor to the game! Browse different energizing game modes like Catch the Banner and Mastery to keep the adrenaline running. Duel with your companions to make the best laser label birthday celebration ever! Along these lines, suit up and prepare to destroy your adversaries for the best Laser Label Singapore experience.

The Fun Empire HQ @ Mountbatten

laser tag singapore team building

Fight it out in this indoor Laser Label Singapore area! Overseen by The Great Domain also, this cooled area is a private area which makes it ideal for a laser label birthday celebration. Collaborate with your companions or partners to challenge one another! Sidestep impacts from your rivals and battle move to triumph! Drench yourself in the wonderful dark light and neon inside as you attempt to separate a companion from an adversary! Foresee your adversaries’ methodologies and strategies and choose ideal spots for spread. Plan your assault well and you might conceivably get yourself the victor! After all that is destroyed and seared, get your companions and treat yourself in neighborhood delights found close by at Old Air terminal Street to fulfill your craving after an exceptional fight.


Sentosa is known for its seashores and the wide exhibit of exercises. Yet, did you realize that they have a space to have a laser label game too? Palawan Green, which is situated in Sentosa directly close to seashore station, permits you to luxuriate in the sun and feel the breeze against your skin, without being secured by sand. Run along the wide green turf that is along the seashore as you dispose of your companions in a Laser Label Singapore game. With numerous foundations inside a short distance away, get a bite or drink in the middle of rounds to keep yourself hydrated and siphoned up for the following round! On the off chance that you are anticipating tossing an immense laser label birthday celebration or a corporate group building occasion, you can cut down various weapons from Laser Label Singapore to have everybody playing simultaneously.

Author: Tyrell Kamph