Learn boting techniques with OSRS bot

OSRS bot

OSRS bot is the most dependable guide to make money in RuneScape.  Runescape is a popular computer game is being played by people all over the world. The game takes place in a virtual world where the player fights with a number of computer control monster characters, defeats them and move on to next level and also earn rewards. Some people play it for entertainment and fun while others play it with the motto of making money. Yes, if things are on your side and luck favors you, you can always make a lot of money using OSRS bot.

Old School Runescape bot is a computer-controlled player which works without any human interference. Once you choose an OSRS bot, it does all the job for you and helps you earn gold even on an hourly basis. These bots are nothing but automated programs which Run based on the computer coded languages like Java. They are virtual machine programs and are designed in such a way as to prevent Jagex from detecting the botting client. When compared to regular players bot performs the task well and faster than a human being.   Most Botters prefer using bots either to make money or to improve their gaming skills and proceed to further levels. The botters who bot to make money are generally termed as gold farmers and the botters who bot just to improve their skills are called casual botters.

OSRS bot

How to bot safe?

If you are a regular player and still choose to bot, they always do it on secondary accounts. Never use your main account for botting. Boting is always against the rules of the game and it is not always possible to stay safe. Any bot detected will be banned. So in case you get caught for botting with your main account then you may lose a lot. If you are safe till now and you weren’t banned before is maybe because you were careful or lucky. But never think that you will always be invincible.

Don’t look like a bot. Try to acquire every required skill of the game. Don’t try to bot for too long. Take control of the game whenever you can. If your goal is to earn money then create multiple fake accounts and bot them like suicide accounts. They may be active just for a few hours, but they earn you a lot of gold before being banned. You can, later on, sell this gold to trusted sellers on the both sites and make money out of it. But be careful while trading in these sites, because these black markets are not always safe and there are chances of being cheated. So it is better to take the help of trusted middlemen who are on the sites for a long time to get your deals done. You must also choose the middlemen carefully. Always go for those who have the good trading background. These middlemen work for percentile amounts. They verify the background of traders on the site and then help you to continue your trade so that you don’t get fooled easily.

Author: Tyrell Kamph