Life without the game is like a graveyard


Mu online faces a major problem with the lag, ping spikes, and some other issues. Players used to say the fact that reduced ping in the game makes you a better gaming experience. Initially, you need to know about the ping and how it damages your system while playing a game. It is just a slow response among computers. Once it comes to playing the game in muonline , it occurs as a response time between the player and the server. It is measured in milliseconds and it describes the time taken by the data to move from the server to the gamer and vice versa.


It can be said in simple words, that when a player joins an online game, two strategies are found. One is the reduced ping which helps the server and the player and is called as the gamer’s friend. Another one is the high ping which causes a bad response time between the server and the player and so it is called the player’s worst friend.  Ping time is the major thing that hurdles between the winning and losing of the game. So to make the gaming better, the ping time has to be lower. Before going to the mu online server, confirm to check the ping response. To change the ping time or to maintain in a stable condition, wtfast is the best technique. The pings having report time lower than a hundred millisecond are not a problem. It is normal for an ideal player to play the game. The ping going higher than a hundred and fifty milliseconds will cause a lag. Though you use a good gaming rig in your place it won’t be effective. The best way to get away from the lag is to use the best internet connection. In some cases, a good internet connection doesn’t solve the problem.

Process of reducing lag

The process of decreasing the ping can be done in many methods. Initially, you have to use a wired internet connection. Wireless internet connection may also be the reason for the creation of the ping. Once you plan to play online games with the best servers such as mu online, the wired internet connection is the best one to use. It is better to use the servers available closer to your location so that you can have easy access to it. This also reduces the ping as you can get better internet connectivity. Next, you have to close all the background applications that are running unnecessarily. By closing, this multitasking process will not happen on your computer.

Running many applications will impart much storage and therefore the performance of the computer gets slow. You have to close the software and the software updates that are running in the background. Suppose you are using wireless connection means, reduce the number of connected devices to the Wi-Fi system so that you can get the fastest internet access. Another best way is to connect your computer to the router through an Ethernet connection. Because routers and modems work without any lag which provides the best internet connection. With all these factors, your ping will get reduced. wtfast is the best thing to get reduced ping. It provides many routes between the server and the player.

Author: Antonietta Wineland