Smartest Solutions with the Dog Food Items: What You Would Need


To be in good shape, a dog needs a balanced diet adapted to the needs of its breed and age. Here is what you need to know to guarantee him an optimal lifestyle. You can simply click here and get the best choices here.

Up to the age of 6 weeks, when the puppy will be able to fend for himself, he will suckle his mother in order to feed on breast milk. Then pushed by his sire that will produce less milk and his changing needs, he will move towards a more consistent diet.

Feeding your dog according to his age and activity


For it to grow and develop well, it is, therefore, necessary to provide it once weaned a good quality diet, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium. And for good reason, it is between the ages of two and six months that its growth is most rapid. However, keep in mind that not all dogs reach adulthood at the same time. Small animals are in fact considered to be between 9 and 12 months, those of medium size between 12 and 18 months and those of large size around 24 months.

Also, it is recommended to adapt to the diet of his dog according to his age and his activity: younger, he will be more active and will need to eat more energetic foods in larger quantities. Growing up, it will tend to arise more and therefore require, certainly less intake, but also and above all a food richer in fiber to facilitate its digestion.

Feeding your dog according to his weight, size and condition

Age and activity are not the only important criteria to take into account when it comes to feeding your dog. You should know that the quantities to be supplied depending on the weight and size of the animal. A large dog has a larger stomach and more needs than a smaller dog.

In addition, a neutered or not very active dog does not have the same needs as a whole animal: having a tendency to be overweight since less adventurous, it risks worries of overweight. Also, it is recommended – for his well-being and his health to offer him a reduced diet, low in fat and rich in fiber and protein.

Croquettes, pâté or household rations

What to feed your dog with? Whether the food is solid or moist, knows that it remains balanced and contributes to the good health of your animal. So croquettes or pâté, it’s up to you to choose according to your dog’s tastes and needs. Just assume that the croquettes have an undeniable toothbrush effect since by chewing them, the dog will fight against dental plaque; the mash is tastier and less dehydrates the person who eats it because of its humidity.

Another option is to feed your dog yourself. If the idea of ​​cooking for your pet may seem attractive, it is better that you first think of meeting a veterinarian to make sure you simmer balanced meals. To be in good shape, this one needs a healthy diet, without too many carbohydrates and lipids, but rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins and fatty acids. There must be no chance.

Author: Eric Clinkinbeard