The Perfect Towing Choices You May Need

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Sometimes we will have to deal with the need to tow another vehicle, however, this procedure has to be done carefully so as not to damage both units.

If we are facing an accident, or outright, we have to assist another person, towing the vehicle is one of the options. However, to do this process it is necessary to have a car capable of moving the other, apart from the fact that it is essential to have various accessories for this to be done in the proper way since otherwise, everything could get worse. You can choose the towing company san jose for that work.

towing company san jose

This resource can be functional if the conditions for a crane to assist us are not viable, anyway, see if there is another way to assist the person who requires the trailer since you have to be prepared

Tips for towing another vehicle

These maneuvers require durable equipment

Has the necessary accessories

Remember, before making any maneuver, verify that the vehicle with which you are going to tow the other unit has enough power and is of a larger size, since in the event that it does not, all this will be in vain. However, it is necessary to have a rope that has the necessary resistance, since if it breaks we can cause an accident.

Also, to avoid surprises, it is necessary to put the safety triangle at a considerable distance, so that other vehicles slow down or take care that there are several vehicles next to the road, avenue or street.

On the other hand, the vehicle to be towed must be put in neutral gear, this applies to cars with manual or automatic transmission. Then you have to put the rope in the right place, each vehicle has a different position and this must be done carefully and accurately. To further enhance the safety aspect, several straps have indicators for other drivers to exercise caution when viewing cars in tow.

Tips for towing another vehicle

You need the right equipment

In very specific cases a drag platform can also be used, this works to transport classic cars or racing vehicles since these, due to different road safety regulations, must be attached to a platform. Although this extra has a very high cost, it can simplify things but it is not cheap since some have indicator lights

You can also get extra attachments to make your vehicle more easily and safely towed, such as mounts. These have various costs, but they can be obtained from 400 to 3,500 pesos in online stores, to simplify the process. Although before making a purchase or installation, check if your warranty cannot be affected by this.

There are platforms that can be bought, but they are not cheap

  1. Vehicle behavior when towing

Due to the load when towing another vehicle, the behavior of our car will be completely different, therefore, we must be very careful, maintain an adequate speed and have full control of the vehicle. In these cases, there is no need to go fast and therefore, drive smoothly and safely.

Author: Antonietta Wineland