Contacting a joint representative, debts and planned Condominium

If you would like to buy a condominium or condominium apartment, you should contact the condominium joint representative before concluding the contract of sale. Hanging out in the stairwells of the condominiums, we find the name, contact details and customer reception hours of the condominium, the common representative managing the condominium. It is worth inquiring about the housing community, planned renovations, technical details, the exact amount of the common cost of the apartment and what exactly the common cost includes, as well as asking the seller if any common cost is owed. A visit to makes things easier now.

The use of a static, architect, or other specialists in viewing the apartment

If you are looking to buy an older home, you should definitely seek the help of a professional, even if the property looks completely intact. In the case of newly built flats, it is also worth asking a specialist, as the thickness of the walls and their sound insulation properties often cause problems.

Inquire with the local government about development, investment and rehabilitation plans

It is worth inquiring either by e-mail or personally about what kind of development and investment plans the local government is planning to implement in the area where we would like to buy real estate. We can often find such information by searching the Internet, but if we have a couple of hours, it is advisable to contact the relevant department of the municipality during customer hours and inquire personally. If you want to borrow a loan to buy a property, you may want to look for credit facilities first as it may take longer for the credit to be reviewed.

Real Estate Agent Mandate

It is becoming more and more common now that not only sellers are relying on real estate agents, but also buyers. Finding the right home is not an easy task, and a real estate agent can be of help, but be sure to read the agency contract with the broker carefully, especially the part in which the broker is charged. In such contracts, you may also find small print parts that may require us to pay a commission even if we did not eventually find the apartment with the help of the broker or if we did not buy the apartment recommended by the broker. To avoid this, read the contract carefully before signing it.

Get a real estate lawyer in time

It is common practice for a buyer to arrange for a lawyer to prepare a sales contract, but it is worth looking for a specialist in real estate law, as there may be life situations where it is good to have an expert lawyer. Because there are quite a lot of differences in the fees of individual lawyers, it is worth asking about costs first when looking for a lawyer. So you can save on the lawyer’s fees when buying a home, but pay more and hire a real professional because a well-structured sales contract with all the benefits and guarantees can save you a lot of inconveniences.

Author: Tyrell Kamph